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Mirielys Perez

Mirielys or Miry as she is liked to be called, is a young mom and entrepreneur with a love of wellness, beauty, fashion, fitness and helping others feel good and look good. Her passion for blogging and sharing a bit of positivity with the world has led her to create 3 helpful outlets for her followers. A fitness Blog, A Beauty and Fashion Blog and lastly a wellness coaching and business branding program that she was inspired to participate in to help those just like her. Women empowerment, self-help and self-improvement are on her agenda to show that every woman has the power to be amazing, to do amazing things, and to come out of any circumstance and situation.

I believe your mental health is just as important as a healthy diet.

I do SO much self-care. Self-care, self-love, self-health; they are absolutely necessary! I go for hour-long walks every day, listen to music, workout, go to the sauna, meet up with my friends (I keep a circle of people who have GOOD VIBES and who raise me up, ONLY). Self-care goes into my calendar the way meetings do!

TIME. Probably the biggest excuse when it comes to committing to a healthy lifestyle. What advice do I have for the busy bee’s looking to take their health more seriously?

As I’ve mentioned before, you have to block time out in your day for self-care and healthy living! Even if it is putting a 15-minute block in your calendar for preparing a meal or calling a friend. Also, people think that healthcare means paying money to go to a service or hiring someone to help them with a health and wellness hack.

NOT true! Self-care is free and easy… it is all about making the commitment to yourself to change and be the person you want to be.

Being a young female entrepreneur with a large platform, my last piece of advice I’d like to leave my old and new readers with today:

DO what feels right and good for YOU. There is a lot of information on social media… too much… and social media is a highlight reel of our lives. If a tip or something you read and see feels right for YOU, try it! But do NOT change or conform to what someone else deems acceptable. Listen to our body, and make changes that feel right to YOU.

One thing unites all: being powerful women

I am a multi-hyphenated woman, what that means is that I can’t seem to stay still and do one thing. My life for the past couple of years has revolved around the things I love.

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer.

Owner and Writer of Forever Fearless Magazine, online blogzine for women.

Influencer, Mother, Step-Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend, Confidant, Listener, etc.


The mom-life chose me, I am a mom of a toddler. He is well on his way to being a big kid. On this website, I have a Mommy Corner where I give some advice and share some products that I love for my kiddo. I am affiliated with Kiddo’s InStyle. I love working with brands that also help children causes as well as show you guys new brands and products for kids.

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