How To Define Cheekbones

How To Define Cheekbones

Defining our cheekbones is all about using correct makeup tricks and shadow placements. Follow along as we show how to define and sculpt our cheekbones to pure perfection.

Light Highlight

The secret to defining and accentuating the cheekbones is all about contrast. Let’s use light shades to highlight the heights of our cheekbones.

  • For this step, you will need a shimmery highlighter shade and a tapered brush.
  • Pro tip: use a highlighter shade that is 2 hues lighter than your skin tone.
  • Take a mirror, and observe where the light naturally hits the tips of your cheekbones.
  • Begin by applying the highlighter diagonally along the length of your cheekbones.
  • The key is to place the shimmery highlighter on top of the cheekbones.
  • Using the tapered brush, blend the pigment up toward your hairline.
  • The elongated look will help create a naturally sculpted appearance.

Contour Shade

Now that we have our highlighter placed, it’s time to create contrast using darker contour shades.

  • For this step, you will need cool-toned contour pigment and an angled bristle brush.
  • Pro tip: use a contour shade that is 2 hues darker than your skin tone.
  • Again, look at your face in the mirror and see where your cheeks create natural shadows.
  • Using the angled contour brush, begin applying the product to the hollows of your cheeks.
  • Place the pigment below your cheekbones and blend it toward your mouth corners.
  • The cool-toned contour shade will give the illusion of sunken shapes and outlines.
  • The contrast between the light highlighter and dark contour is how we define our gorgeous cheekbones!
  • And last but not least, don’t forget to blend these products to design seamless transitions!

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