5 Beauty Tips for 2022

1. Stress Management is one of the easiest beauty tips. Stress can cause breakouts and dull looking skin.

Remember stress will result in serious consequences that have an effect on your body, skin and even hair. 

Stress Relieving Ideas

Yoga, a calm bath, disconnect from technology, meditate.

2. Don't binge on junk food: junk food has a lot of additives, preservatives and fat that can cause irritation to your skin, not to mention weight gain.  It's ok to have junk food once in a while.

Staying on a healthy diet will help with skin issues as well as body issues. As they say your gut is your second brain. 

TIP: Go to your doctor and ask for a food sensitivity test. Some foods may be harmful to you that you never knew about.

3. Sleep! Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is the bodies way of recharging. Not getting enough could result is dull complexion and dark under eye circles. 

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Here Are a Few Tips

- Consistent sleep schedule - Keep bedroom quiet, dark, relaxing, and at a comfortable temperature. - Turn Off electronic devices, such as TVs, computers, and smartphones - Avoid large meals - Avoid caffeine, and alcohol before   bedtime. - Get some exercise.

4. Products That Do Double Duty

One of my favorite tips that i have been following is to look for products that do more than one thing. For Example a tinted moisturizer that can serve to even out your complexion and boost hydration.

5. Know Your Face Shape & Skin: I always say work smarter. Knowing which face shape and type of skin you have will make choosing beauty products and hairstyles much easier. Keep in mind that faces & skin change over the course of your life.

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