5 Tips for Removing Toxins 

From Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary, you shouldn’t need to worry about harmful pollutants invading your space and making you sick.

Here are five tips for removing toxins from your home so you can rest easy.

Detox With House Plants

Improving your air quality is the first step to creating a healthier space. One easy way to do this is by using house plants

Take Your Shoes Off

It’s easy to bring outdoor pollutants inside your home. Get in the habit of removing your shoes before you step inside.

Clean With Green Products

The products you use to sanitize your space could be doing more harm than good.

TIP: opt for green products with natural ingredients to disinfect your home.

Get Dust Under Control

Dusty homes can irritate allergies and cause respiratory problems. Get dust under control by vacuuming regularly.

Remodel With Clean Materials

Be picky about your remodeling materials and only introduce eco-friendly options into your home.