Different Kinds of Bangs to Rock

I've got the top kinds of bangs you can get and how you can rock them out.


Sleek Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are easy to maintain and you can style them anyway!

Parted Bangs

Bangs that are a little blunt, but are parted in a middle. These bangs are fun, flirty and look great on any face shape!

Convertible Bangs

These kinds of bangs are a little choppy, a little asymmetrical and all kinds of fashionable and attractive!

Choppy Bangs

These kinds of bangs are super edgy! Whether you have short or long hair, choppy bangs can look amazing

Asymmetrical Bangs

These bangs will have typically have one side shorter than the other side and the middle, typically a lot shorter than either side.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are typically straight across bangs. These are great bangs if you really want something a little heavier and you want something that you can style up without thinking about it.

Rounded Bangs

If you want to kick it back to the 70's, rounded bangs are for you! These kinds of bangs were huge in the 70's!!!

Fringe Bangs

Fringe bangs are great for someone that is looking to just dip into bangs to try them out, as they are wispy and light.

Pixie Cut Bangs

The Pixie Cut is a really hard haircut to pull off -- especially a really short pixie cut! 


All of the different kinds of bangs that look hot! So, what kind of bangs are your favorites? Have you ever had bangs?