Different Kinds of Self-Care

Gym - Yoga - Eating Healthy - Going for Walks - Mani & Pedi - Long Baths - Stretching - Facial Masks - Bike Rides

Physical Self Care

Painting - Play Instrument - Journal - Acts of Kindness - Workout - Affirmations

Emotional Self Care

Read - Learn a New Language - Learn a New Skill - Crossword Puzzles - Podcasts - Personal Growth  Books

Intellectual Self Care 

Meditate - Nature - Journal - Clean Your Space - Vision Board 

Spiritual Self Care

Time with Family - Meet a Friend for Coffee - Positive Social Media - Have Dinner Dates - Plan a Friend Getaway

Social Self Care

Eat your Fave Food - Light a Candle - Listen to Music - Watch a Movie - Unplug from Technology - Get Out in The sunshine - Get a Massage


Working on yourself and your mindset is the best thing you can do to get yourself out of a slump.

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