Selfcare 101

DIY at Home Spa Day Routine

First, Light some Candles

Start from Top to Bottom! 

I like to start with the top so always go take care of your hair before moving onto face and body.

Hair Mask

Step 1


Make Sure your face is clean and apply your favorite or any face mask that targets your skin concerns.

Face Mask

Step 2 

While your hair mask (20min) and face mask (15min) work, soak yourself in an essential lavender oil scented warm bath, you can also add bath salts to soothe muscles. 

Bath Soak

Step 3


Cleanse your body, face and hair from all products, exfoliate, & shave. 


apply body oil all over my arms, hands, legs and thighs. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil or almond oil.


Now that your hands and feet have soaked in water your nails should be ready for cutting, shaping, cuticle pushing and polish!

Mani + Pedi

Selfcare is so important, choose a day every couple of weeks to do this DIY at Home Spa Day!  Don't forget to relax and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!