Skincare DIY

DIY 3 Ingredient Green Tea Facemask

What are the benefits? 

A green tea mask can help with acne,  gives a glow to your skin, it helps in fighting skin cancer and premature aging, & green tea helps in moisturizing and taking all the gunk out of your skin.


Green Tea

Honey is an antimicrobial, that moisturizes and hydrates skin, soothes inflammation, and clarifies to open up pores.



Yogurt is a good source of lactic acid – highly valuable acid that revitalize skin, provides smoothness to the skin and controls aging too.



What ingredients do I need? 

1. Green tea bag x 1 2. Honey x 1 tbsp  3. Plain yogurt x 1 tbsp

Green Mask Ingredients

Mixing and Using 

• Pour the green tea mixture into a clean dry bowl • Add yogurt first then honey and, mix well until it's a thick paste. • Don't make it too watery or too thick, let it be in perfect consistency.


Apply evenly all over your face using fingers or brush, let it dry for at least 15 - 20 minutes and rinse off. (don't forget your neck!)


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