Haircare & Styles

Avoid Hair Damage w/DIY Heatless Curls

By Mirielys Perez

1. Braiding

• Detangle your hair and then by using a spray bottle, spray some water on the lengths of your hair in order to dampen them. •Make a nice braid and tie it using a hair tie and now go for a good night’s sleep. •The next morning, undo the braid •Apply some hair serum to your lengths, and here are your nice and easy beachy waves.


2. Sock Buns

• Spray some water over the lengths and grab a sock. • Start wrapping a section of your hair over the sock starting from the middle. • After, tie the ends of the socks together. • Repeat this with all the hair and keep it overnight. • The next morning unties the socks very gently and there you have those classic curls.


3. The Headband

• Divide your hair into two sections • Place your headband on the center of your head. • Start twisting your hair inwards or outwards depending upon the type of curls. • Tuck your hair into the headband and prepare yourself for the bed. • The next day unwrap your hair and rock those luscious curls.


4. Straw Twists

• Grab some straws and rubber bands to get started  • Divide your hair into small sections. • Wrap each of these sections over straws starting from the middle. • Fold it to secure the ends of your hair and tie both the straw ends together. • Wait until it’s dry and remove the straws gently and there you go.


Be kind to your hair, if you don't have to use heat then don't... opt for the heat-less option!