Selfcare 101

DIY Manicure  at Home

What You Need to Get Strated

Tools: Bowl Nail Clippers Nail File Cuticle Cream Cuticle Stick Base Coat Nail Color  Top Coat

Start with clean polish-less nails, cut nails with nail clipper in small sections to avoid spliting nails.

Clip Nails

Step 1

Use a natural grit nail file to file nails into shape, file towards the center for an even shape.

File Nails

Step 2


Fill a bowl with warm water a little less than half way with some hand soap and soak your nails for 8 minutes.

Soak Nails

Step 3 

Use cuticle cream on the cuticles and leave on for a couple of minutes. Then use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles gently.


Step 4 


Polish your nails starting with a base coat, let dry, nail color of choice (2 coats), let dry and lastly top coat. 


Step 5

When you are finished and the polish is completely dry, treat your hands to a moisturizing hand lotion. 

Hand Lotion

Step 6

Repeat the same steps for your feet. You'll just need a bigger soak. 


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