Your Makeup Routine

Makeup Application Order

I'd like to think there is no right way, but I think we can all agree we all follow this order more or less.

1. Moisturize

Prepping the skin for extra hydration and smooth application of products is a must.

2. Primer

A Primer is  designed to create an ideal base for your makeup to sit on and resolve issues such as minimising pores, absorbing excess oil and evening out your complexion resulting in a longer-lasting makeup.

3. Foundation

Make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone, some makeup brands have online quizzes or you can go to Ulta or Sephora where they can match you, 

4. Concealer

Concealer helps in minimizing the appearance of dark circles, skin pigmentation and acne. 

5. Bronzer

It is a makeup product which sits in the deeper parts of your skin to add warmth and shine to it. It is also used to contour the face. 

6. Blush

Blush on the apples for a natural flush, or above the cheekbone for a lift, or applying it on the nose for a sun kissed finish.

7. Setting Powder

You need that something extra to prevent your makeup from melting off after many hours of work or play.

8. Eyeshadow

Eye shadow adds some dimension to your lids, you can use natural colors or bold colors depending on the occasion and your style.

9. Eyeliner

If you want defined eyes, you must use eyeliner. There are many styles, but the most popular is the winged liner. 

10. Mascara

Mascara makes your eyes pop! Accentuating the lashes and giving the look a WOW factor.

10. Eyebrows

If you’re rocking a more natural look, use a brow gel to smooth the hairs into place. If you’re glamming it up a bit, use a brow powder or pencil to fill them in!

11. Lips

If you’re committing to a bold color, be sure to line your lips and fill them in with a pencil in a similar shade first.

11. Setting Spray

Last but not least, this simple makeup product can help your foundation, concealer, eye shadow, and whatever else you have on stay put.

This Guide is not a definitive order!

Some ladies like to do their eyeshadow first because eyeshadow tends to be a bit messy.