How to Make Dinner a 

Meaningful Event

Dinner time is special because it allows families to gather, talk, and enjoy a delicious meal.

Prepare A Meal Together

Rather than having one person do the cooking – even if you take it in turns – make cooking a family affair by dividing up the work in the kitchen.

Decorate The Table

Most people only put decorations on the table at certain times of the year. Instead, think about using different themes for each month.

Learn Something New

Set up a learning tradition to encourage people to learn and think. Go around the table at the end of each day and ask each person what they learned that day.

Talk about family history

Dinner is an excellent time to develop and reinforce your own family narrative and to instill a sense of belonging in your children.

Set Aside Phones at Mealtimes

especially for father and mother Almost three-quarters of US workers say constant emails and texts ruin family dinners.

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