Your Bedroom for Stress Healing

Stress is a Normal Part of Life

It's completely normal to build up stress throughout life experiences and trying situations at work, school, or with family.


It's not good to carry this energy home with us. Your bedroom especially should be a place where you completely disconnect, let go, forget, cleanse, renew, and restore.

1. Meditation Cusion

With a meditation cushion beneath you your focus less on your tight hips and more and relax in your mind, improving your posture while sitting and allow you to meditate for longer periods of time.

2. Selenite Crystal Lamp

A Crystal stone is said to remove toxic negative energy and cleanse of mine through pure coming effects and ensures a calm and peaceful environment.

3. Meditation Pyramids

Pyramids are said to have strong ionization effect within the body and it helps reduce the level of stress and tension in the physical body.

4. Diffuse Essential Oils

Serums are designed to work even quicker than a moisturizer, by actively rebuilding layers of damaged cells.

5. Scented Candles

Scented candles help create a relaxing atmosphere while also calming the scents, we recommend Lavendar or Jasmine.

6. Table Top Fountain

Create a gentle soothing flow of water replicating the sights and sounds of a tranquil spring.