Trendy Hairstyles for Long Hair


Long hair is beautiful, it's a lot of maintenance and sometimes you want it out of your face.

I've gathered some really cute trendy hairstyles for long hair.



Simple and easy style, change the scarf from florals to hot colors to transition the seasons!

Double Braided Pigtails

Braids are classic but this mix has us feeling like we can take on the world and look good doing it!

Simple Long Layers

This one is the easiest of all, you'll just need a hairstylist to cut long layers.

Half Up Bun Tails 

This is style is fun, add a braid  or loose curls!

Bubble Braid Pony

An easy hairstyle you can do and look elegant.

Half up Hairstyle

This half up half down hairstyle works for all seasons and will make you look like a goddess!


I always like to remind my readers hair care is important whether you have long or short hair!