Selfcare 101

Step by Step at-Home Facial

What You Need to Get Strated

Tools: Face Cleanser  Face Scrub Facial Steamer Extraction Tool Clay Mask Sheet Mask Moisturizing Cream

Start by cleansing face with a gentle face wash to get rid of dirt and oils. 

Wash Face

Step 1

Apply a gentle face scrub to face, scrubbing in circular upwards and outwards motions for about a minute.

Gentle Scrub

Step 2


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Still in the cleansing steps of our at-home facial, we need to really clean out those pores. Steaming will open your pores and clean out all the gunk, it will also feel incredibly relaxing for your face!

Steam Face

Step 3 

Use the blackhead extractor tool to gently press and extract any visible blackheads or pimples. 

Gentle Extractions

Step 4 


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Apply clay mask to finish drawing dirt, oils and toxins out of the skin, resulting in deeply cleansed and softened skin.

Clay Mask

Step 5

Last but not least, a moisturizing sheet mask to follow the clay mask, so skin doesn't dry out. 

Moisturizing Sheet Mask

Step 6

Repeat these steps just  once a month. Your face will thank you!


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