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Summer Wedding Humidity Proof Updos


for summer wedding hairstyles that will allow you to dance and celebrate in summer humidity,

Side Crown Braid

A side crown braid is great for a sweat proof hairstyle. It’s also a nice style for a boho or rustic themed wedding.

Beach Wave Ponytail

A beach wave ponytail is one of the most comfortable hairstyles for a wedding. The textures of the beachy waves, all gathered neatly into a full and lush ponytail looks both fun, and chic

Crossover Wave Updo

A crossover wave updo is our pick for a summer evening wedding. It’s very elegant and allows for all your hair to be neatly gathered and pinned

Braided Twist Knot

A braided twist knot is our choice if you want a flirty boho vibe.

Fishtail Ponytail

A fishtail ponytail will help keep you really cool, as you won’t have a full ponytail behind your neck making you hot and sweaty. It’s all kept tight, and completely out of your way.

Happy Summer!