Making Your Living Room Feel Cozier

The center of any home is the living room, whether you live alone or have a family.

you can use the next few tips for making your living room feel cozier.

Use Up Wall Space

Filling up space on walls balances the room out and gives it life. Photos of you, your friends, and family or wall art that speaks to you that ties in the room’s colors

Bookshelves and Books

A fast way to turn your living room into a cozy cave is to add bookshelves or a single stack of books. 

Accent Pillows and Throws

A plain couch with no blankets or pillows is uninviting and monotonous.

Fireplace and Mantel Décor

Sound of the pops and crackles of the fire make you feel as snug as a bug! Don’t forget to spice up the mantel with additional décor pieces.

Mood Lighting

We find that dimmable lights help create a perfect atmosphere. You can adjust the color or intensity of the light with special bulbs to match any mood you prefer.