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3 Reasons People Struggle With Home Organization

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An organized home looks that way because much thought and effort went into it. And a well-organized home takes away 40% of house chores. Most importantly, there is a commitment to maintaining the home without clutter. Most people admit to feeling stress when the home looks cluttered. However, only a few ever attend to the problem. If you’re struggling with maintaining an orderly home, the following could be some reasons why. 

  1. Buying and owning too many things

According to psychologists, many underlying reasons people own too many things exist. The first is hoarding disorder. Some individuals cannot resist purchasing things they do not need. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best treatment if you fall into this category. The second group owns too many things because the home is too small to accommodate excessive belongings.

There are two ways to resolve this situation. You can move into a bigger home or let go of the extra belongings if you can afford it. The main cause of a disorganized home is clutter, which is what owning too many things can lead to. And usually, the more clutter you have, the more junk there is. Fortunately, you can try services like Evergreen Junk Removal to clean out your space. Living with less improves cleaning times and takes away cumbersome chores.

  1. Lack of basic storage

Expert builders say 10% of the total square footage is the required space for home storage. Unfortunately, some homes lack the most basic of storage. Cupboards, cabinets, drawers, closet space, and so on may be absent in such homes, making organization a real struggle. This, indeed, is a reality many households face. Although it is more common in subsidized apartment buildings, renovated single-family homes also face this problem.

A report indicated that some homeowners get renovations all wrong. This happens when too much focus is placed on creating additional rooms, with little to no consideration for storage. A disorganized home continues to plague occupants until something is done to resolve the situation. Investing in large and multifunctional storage options and maximizing space can help with the home organization plan.

  1. Sentimental value

A possible reason you struggle with your home’s organization is your attachment to some belongings. There is an ongoing debate about the connection between clutter and psychology. According to a report published on the Verywell Mind website, people with emotional connections to personal belongings find it difficult to dissociate from the never-ending cycle of clutter. It is why this same group of people struggle to create an organized home.

Whenever they attempt to create order in the home, past memories brought up by some items prevent them from going through with it. It can be difficult to create that dissociation alone if you find yourself in this category. Sometimes, expert help is needed to provide support where necessary. Other persons who tried on their own began by moving sentimental items to an external storage unit. Over time, it became easier to organize their homes and maintain order.

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