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4 Major Myths About Women To Squash Right Now

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Every single day we are faced with some sort of barrier which attempts to hold us back from doing something we want to do, but the truth is we are fighting back now. Women have been trying to deal with misconceptions for hundreds of years now. In fact, there are still some people on this planet who still believe women aren’t equal to men; there are people who see women as the weaker sex. Today is about squashing these myths right now as we know that they are absolutely false. We can do it all and we can stand up for ourselves, so let’s use our voices to show our strength.

1.We Are Dumb

How many times have you heard obnoxious males utter ‘Women simply are not as intelligent as men.’ First of all that is entirely incorrect, there is no singular gender which has been proven to be more clever than the other so it’s fair to say that myth can be squash immediately. Look at how many incredibly intellectual females that we are blessed to admire in the political world. Take the sos of Arizona for a prime example. Michele Reagan is an advocate for small businesses and has used her knowledge and intelligence to empower women in America. As long as women keep supporting other women, we are an unbeatable force to be reckoned with.


  1. We Are Weak

‘Women are too emotional to handle powerful jobs.’ That can be immediately retracted right away. Every single human being on this planet is emotional and that surely doesn’t categorize you as weak. Being sympathetic, compassionate and caring certainly is no sign of weakness. Women are pretty incredible so don’t let anybody ever tell you that you aren’t as strong as a man. Physically there is also an argument to be had. Girl bosses in the gym are lifting heavier weights than a lot of men, so keep that in mind too!

  1. We Are Easily Controlled

There was once a time in history where a man could tell a woman what to do and they would listen and obey. We’re living in 2018 now and that certainly isn’t the case. Women have more of a powerful voice than ever, especially when it comes to standing up to the inappropriate behaviour of men. Women are becoming more and more empowered in standing up for themselves and not allowing men to take control over their lives.

  1. We Can’t Do It All

“Once a woman has a baby her career is over.” Maybe back in the 1920’s, but definitely not today. Women are now able to have multiple children whilst climbing up the career ladder. Yes, women can absolutely do it all and there are so many boss ladies out there who are showing us exactly how it’s done.

The next time somebody flaunts one of these untrue statements in front of you, you now have the power to prove them wrong. You should feel empowered and proud to be a female; we have a long history of standing up for ourselves so let’s keep that going.


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