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4 Reasons Why Your Clothing Choices Matter

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Our clothing expresses who we are on the inside to the outside world. Even those who believe they don’t have much of an interest in clothing and fashion make decisions on what to wear based on what they do and don’t like. 


At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who align themselves with causes, groups and social standing through their choice of clothes. But there’s more to it than what you do and don’t want to wear – here are four reasons why your clothing choices matter:


1. Stand up for what you believe in


There are many ways clothes express our morals and beliefs. Some people choose to wear statement or slogan T-shirts and jumpers to make a bold statement about what they believe in, whether it’s political, religious, or a TV show reference. 


Clothes are used in this way to signify an allegiance with a particular cause or group and help the wearer meet other like-minded individuals. There are so many ways to style a slogan t-shirt, they can be worked into any outfit and make a bold first impact.


2. Being a responsible consumer


Your clothing choices are much more than just colours, patterns and styles. Before you put on that brand new t-shirt, it has been through a myriad of processes and places. Unfortunately, many brands obscure just how bad for the environment their products are and it’s up to the consumer to do their research. 


However, brands who are proud of their environmental record make no secret of it as environmental awareness is increasingly good for business. Debenhams, for example, diverted 97% of the waste they produced in 2018 away from landfill – as well as being inclusive when casting models and refusing to support animal testing and real fur. 


3. Get creative and look unique


There are millions of different combinations when it comes to men’s and women’s clothes, and all it takes is a little creativity. While trends are a great way to know what’s fashionable at the time, true style can be achieved whatever the fashion. By knowing what suits your shape and look, you can play about with shape and colour to your heart’s content. With an endless array of fashion blogs online, alongside magazines and TV programs dedicated to clothing, there is no shortage of advice available for those who want to take their first steps into creative clothing.


4. Know the situation


By being a little more fashion conscious, you can improve your first impression you have on people in many situations. For example, job interviews call for a certain style of dressthat comes naturally to some people and less so to others. By comparison, a night out with friends requires some thought and effort to go into a completely different type of look – again, one that some people can do effortlessly and others put hours of thought into. By doing some research, you can always be perfectly prepared to make a great impression through your clothing, regardless of the situation.


Clothes are hugely important to the way in which we interact with the world around us. There are many more reasons why your clothing choices matter, so get creative and get experimenting!

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