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4 Tricks Moms Can Use To Encourage Their Sporty Kids

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As a mom, you will know only too well the pressing need we all feel to encourage our children to be healthy.

It’s no secret that studies suggest that modern kids get far less exercise than their predecessors. A statistic that brings no small amount of concern to a health-conscious parent like myself.

If your kid has expressed an interest in playing a sport, then good for you, the battle for your child’s fitness is already halfway won, hooray!

Engaging with a sport, you can be confident that their exercise quotient is going to be met on a regular basis.

To encourage them along to continue with their newfound sporty hobby, you may want to consider trying the following…

#1 – Make them an electrolyte-rich drink

Kids, like us parents, don’t want to do something that makes them feel unwell. If your child tires themselves out during practice, that’s a good thing! Just keep in mind it also has the potential to make them feel washed out.

If they feel washed out and uncomfortable after practice, they may decide the sport isn’t for them.

You can help prevent this by ensuring your child enjoys a homemade electrolyte drink after practice, which helps them to rehydrate, replenishes lost nutrients, and ensures they feel as good as possible for the rest of the day.

#2 – Compile a thorough schedule

Life is busy, and you — like most moms — likely struggle to find the time to do everything you need to.

In the midst of juggling all your other responsibilities, you want to be able to find the time to support your child.

As a mom, you’ll find yourself driving them to practice, attend games or meets. That means always finding the space in your schedule.

Sit down at the start of the year, or sports season, and plan out exactly how you’re going to make the time to support your child.

Every seasoned mom knows that having a planned schedule that prioritizes your child’s sporting activity helps you to stay organized. Make absolutely sure your child sees that their efforts are being viewed as something special and worthy of attention, duh! This will make them feel good, that their efforts are being appreciated, and they will be more likely to want to continue the sport they are engaged with.

#3 – Treat them to the right gear   

When your child is part of a team, you’re going to want to ensure they feel confident and included.

To help encourage the team spirit, you could group with other parents to buy matching outfits. When it’s matching baseball hats, track singlets, or gymnastics leotards, there’s the potential for dedicated team outfits in every sport.

You can also get them the right practice gear such as a home basketball hoop, batting swing trainer, or soccer nets for the backyard.

#4 – Take them to see how the pros do it

Finally, a trip to a professional game or athletics meeting could be just what your child needs. It will totally encourage their continued sporting participation.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of a major sporting event, and your child will see a glorious example of what their hard work may one day lead to. There’s no better encouragement than that!

The inspiration your child will derive from seeing the pros, in person at a live game or meet, will help sustain their interest for years to come!

To conclude

By following the tips above, you can help encourage your child to love the sport they play– and you can rest assured that they are getting the exercise they need.

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