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As we approach the weekend, I thought I’d share 5 of my favorite athleisure outfit ideas. These styles are incredibly comfy, but they will make you seem put-together as you run errands, go on family trips, and do all of your weekend activities!

What is your go-to weekend outfit?


An oversized turtleneck is ideal for a chilly day or night; it keeps you warm and can be rolled up or tucked into your leggings for a more stylish look. You may complete the style with clean white sneakers, a comfortable crossbody bag, and round sunglasses.

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Layers are essential for coziness throughout seasonal shifts. I usually wear high waisted leggings and a simple cute pullover around the house, but if we’re going anywhere, I like to throw on a long cardigan for those cooler days. The cardigan appears sophisticated and may be dressed up, but I prefer it for an athleisure appearance.

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A high waisted skinny jean is one of my favorite weekend trousers to wear because they are comfy to wear around the house but can easily be dressed up for a night out. One of my go-to spring looks is a a plain white shirt combined with a ball cap and tote bag. So simple, so comfortable!

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Dress It Up

Dress It Down


These are the most comfortable imitation leather leggings, taking leggings to the next level. I like them with a tee or sweater, but a jean jacket brightens up the appearance and adds some much-needed contrast. And, as with every of my athleisure ensembles, a clean, comfy sneaker is essential!

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This has ro be one of my favorite effortless go-to looks, throw on a hooded shirt, leggings, a cap and always make sure to bring along a stylish backpack and a fun pair of sunglasses.

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