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7 Things That The Most Confident Women In The World Have In Common

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We all know a confident woman. A woman who is so sure of herself that you wander just how she does it. You may look at some of your favorite celebrities this way. You may look at your best friend, or even your next door neighbor this way. Just what are these confident women doing that you’re not doing that makes them so self assured? In this post we’re going to discuss 7 things that the most confident women in the world have in common.


  1. They Set Boundaries

Confident women set boundaries. They know exactly what they’ll stand for and what they won’t stand for, and they stick to what they say. They don’t let men, their bosses, other colleagues, or anybody else walk all over them. They know their worth and they won’t stand for anybody treating them less than.


  1. They Know Who They Are

Confident women know exactly who they are. They know what they like and what they don’t like, and what they want and don’t want. They seem so sure of themselves, simply, because they are. If you’re not this sure about yourself, it’s time to get to know yourself again.




  1. They Take Time To Look After Themselves Mentally And Physically

Looking after yourself physically and mentally is crucial if you’re going to feel your best, and confident women know this. This means taking the time to do exercise that you enjoy, to eat well, and even to meditate. Getting into a regular routine will make this so much easier, and eventually, you’ll find it a tough habit to break.  


  1. They Care About Their Appearance

Caring about your appearance doesn’t mean you’re vain or self centred. It simply means that you feel good when you feel like you look good. Taking care of your appearance doesn’t mean trying to impress anybody else; only yourself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, whether you’re having your hair cut into a funky style or going for a breast augmentation, providing you’re doing it for the right reasons. You are the only one who should have any say over your appearance.


  1. They Don’t Rely On Others For Validation

Relying on others for validation is a dangerous game, whether your parents, partner, or your Instagram followers. Of course it’s ok to care about what they think, but you can’t let what they think change how you feel about yourself. You don’t need anybody else to validate you. You are important, no matter what.


  1. They Challenge Themselves

Challenging yourself will help you to see that you’re so much more than you ever thought. Do a course, go skydiving, or do something else that really scares you. The more you step out of your comfort zone, the better!


  1. They Enjoy Spending Time Alone

Spending time alone isn’t lonely if you like who you’re with. Spending time alone will allow you to get to know yourself again, and become your own best friend. It really is the best feeling and will instill you with a ton of confidence!

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