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Bedroom lighting can have a big impact on how well you sleep, as well as affecting tasks like reading or applying make-up. There are many different ways to illuminate different areas of your bedroom. This brief guide delves into some of the different bedroom lighting ideas that are worth considering. 

Start by considering natural light

Natural light may not seem like a big issue in a bedroom. After all, the majority of us only ever use our bedroom at night. However, there are benefits to being able to allow sunlight in. Our circadian rhythm responds partially to UV light exposure, and so letting in sunlight in the morning can help us to wake up and be more alert. Letting in sunlight throughout the day in winter could also help to warm up your bedroom so that it is less cold when you go to bed in the evening. 

Curtains, blinds and shutters can help to control the amount of light coming through our bedroom windows. At night, it can be beneficial to not have any light coming through to help us maintain a deeper sleep – blackout curtains and blackout blinds can help to block out all outside light including street lights, car headlamps and the early morning sun for times when a lie in is needed. Electric shutters are the most fancy option – these can be controlled via a remote from your bed.

Depending on whether your windows open inwards or outwards, you may be restricted as to which forms of light control you can choose. A full service window replacement could be necessary if you would like internal shutters but currently have an inward opening window. Replacing your window could also be a chance to upgrade other elements like security and insulation.

Next, consider artificial electric lighting…

Artificial electric lighting can be necessary for illuminating areas of your bedroom at night. It may also help with tasks during the day such as getting dressed when you may not want to open the curtains. Below are a few great ways to use artificial lighting in a bedroom.

Make a statement with your overhead light

When you want a large amount of light, overhead lighting is the best option. Multi armed overhead lights can hang from a single fitting and can help to illuminate the entire room. These come in all different styles from ornate chandeliers to modern sputnik lights and can be great for when you want to make a statement with your bedroom decor.

Stay subtle with recessed lights

Recessed lights can be a more subtle option that are often better suited to lower ceilings as they don’t protrude. Rather than having a single fixture in the center, recessed lights are typically installed all across the ceiling. They can be arranged in a neat pattern, or you can strategically place them in areas where you’re more likely to need the light such as above the bed or over a mirror. 

Position table lamps at the right height

When placing table lamps on bedside cabinets, it’s important to get the height right for tasks like reading or nursing babies. The shade should ideally be level with your neck as you’re sat up in bed – any lower and your face may be cast in a shadow, while a higher position may cause glare. 

Improve reading with wall sconces

Instead of having a light beside you while in bed, why not consider lighting above your bed? Installing wall sconces can provide focused task lighting for reading so that you don’t have to lean over towards the bedside table. These can be wired in, or you can look into battery operated options.

Create a starry night sky

It’s possible to create a starry night effect above your bed, providing a low level ambient lighting for when watching TV in bed. This could be achieved by hanging fairy lights above a poster bed. Alternatively, you can use a fiber optic lighting kit to install lights directly on the ceiling. Kids are certain to love this lighting.

Buy a Hollywood mirror

When it comes to using a mirror in your bedroom in low lighting, you could consider going slightly retro with a Hollywood mirror. These are mirrors with lights around the edges to help illuminate your face so that you can apply make-up with ease. 

Explore night light options in kids’ bedrooms

Many kids are scared of the dark and a night light can help them to sleep more peacefully. Night lights come in all forms from tabletop lamps to wall lights. Check out some of these fun night light options for inspiration.

Take care with candles

Candles are the most traditional way to light a bedroom. They can provide ambient lighting that can be very relaxing and they can also be used to introduce soothing scents to your bedroom. 

However, you may want to avoid keeping them burning throughout the night. Unsupervised candles can be a fire risk – many fire safety experts recommend putting out the flame before you go to bed in case they fall over or a nearby flammable object catches alight. These candle safety tips are worth following if you do decide to use candles in your bedroom. 

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