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Chic Eyewear Trends Coming in Spring 2022

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Eyewear trends can change year to year and season to season. It’s helpful to know what’s in style, whether you only wear sunglasses occasionally or glasses are an everyday staple for you. Here are some chic eyewear trends coming in spring 2022

Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are a retro shape that celebs like Elle Fanning won’t let us forget. They’re sophisticated and perfect for everyone, from the bold to the basic, since they come in bright colors like red and standard darks like brown. Along with other classic wardrobe essentials, they’ll never truly go out of style and fit almost every face shape.

Round Frames

Round frames are a little bit retro like the classic cat eyes, but they have a more hipster and cool aura. You can get an oversized pair or a two-tone gradient for a bold look. Alternatively, you can stick with a smaller pair in more classic colors. They look good on many different face shapes, but you always want to ensure you’re not wearing the wrong frame for your face, so pay attention to facial contrast and proportions.

Wire Rims

Wire rims are delicate, classic, and customizable. Therefore, it’s no surprise that wire-rimmed frames are a spring trend. Aviators may be the most popular version of this trend, but you can make wire rims your own by choosing the shape, size, and color. Those who need thicker lenses like varifocals may not be able to jump on this trend, though, since thin wires often can’t support them.

Colorful Choices

Springtime makes people think of color, and eyewear trends are no exception. Colorful crystal tones and bold, bright shades help people show off their vibrant personalities as soon as anyone looks at them. You can even hit two trends at once by embracing color in one of the frame trends we already mentioned.

Oversized Options

Oversized frames are going to be a big (pun intended) choice this spring. You can embrace any of the other trends, from shape to color, and get them oversized to truly make a mark this spring as fashion icon Iris Apfel does. Oversized options also have a practical dimension since you can easily tuck a face mask behind them to prevent fogging.

Show off your personality with these chic eyewear trends coming in spring 2022. You don’t even need “real glasses” to embrace them either. Most blue light glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses can also incorporate these trends. So you can be on point in the park or behind your computer screen.

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