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Easy & Totally Fabulous Outfit Ideas

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Outfit Ideas that are Actually Easy (but still totally fabulous)

Ever woken up a half-hour late and have to make a snap decision on what outfit you need to throw on?

Me too!

And I don’t know about you but whenever this event occurs in my life, and, trust me, it is more often than not, I end up just standing there, vacantly staring into the abyss that is my wardrobe.

Because outfits are hard.

As a solution to this problem (problem? I mean crisis!), besides creating a Minimal Wardrobe… I compiled a list of 5 Foolproof Outfits You Can Wear Just About Anywhere so that you can look fabulous – even when you’ve got t-minus ten minutes left to get out the door!

1. Wrap Dress and Boots

Wrap dresses, while super easy to throw on (you literally just wrap it around yourself), they’re cute enough to fool everyone into thinking you put effort into your outfit! Just pair the dress with some suede thigh-highs and you’re good to go!

Young model in sunglasses, white dress and boots thoughtfully looking in camera walking on street

2. Jeans, Turtleneck and a Jacket

Sometimes, especially in the cooler months, layering is everything. It could be freezing in the morning but like a summer day in the afternoon. It’s so easy to throw on a jacket like leather or a corduroy one. And when I need to take it off? I still have a way cute outfit underneath.

3. Nancy Wheeler Style Sweater-and-Skirt Combo

This is the easiest one yet. No explanation needed. Make sure you add a cute necklace and some pretty sneakers or ballet flats.

4. Jeans and a White T

A got to for me is a Simple Jeans and white T, because it can be dressed up or dressed down. Give your white T-shirt and jeans ensemble an added cool factor with a denim or leather jacket boots or heels.

5. Long Cardigan and Shirt Dress

This is another great way to utilize the art of layering. It’s so easy to slip a cardigan on or fold it up into your bag when you need to cool down. Like #3, you can add sneakers and a cute necklace to make this outfit extra chic!

So, there you go.

Five of the easiest (but still totally fabulous) outfit ideas ever.

Next time you’ve got a 10-minutes-till-I-gotta-get-outta-here crisis, just check back here, and you’ll be looking cute in no time!

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