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Happy New Years shopping with Slickdeals from eBay!

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Okay, you’ve gotten your 2nd stimulus check from the government, and though a family of two only received $1200 and a family of 4 only received $2400, if you are fortunate enough to keep your head above water during the pandemic, that means there is an opportunity to treat yourself to some items you and the family wants.

And one of the best sources for doing so is eBay.

Why eBay? Because eBay offers a shopping service like no other. 

Let’s say, for the sake of argument that you decide to buy a new wireless router. 
You check on Amazon and you find over 50 different routers sold by as many different sellers.

With both Amazon and eBay you can gain a tone of information about the product and whether people like the product or not, but only through eBay will you get a complete rundown on the feedback of the seller. 

When looking at a router seller right now on eBay I can determine that they first started selling on eBay in 2004, have 65 5 star ratings for describing their items, 69 5 star reviews for communication, 64 5 star reviews for shipping time, and 62 5 star reviews for shipping charges. 

The reason we love eBay so much is that not only are there thousands of bargains on eBay (plus even more potential savings to be had with coupons and codes on sites like Raise), but there is so much more information about the reputation of the seller.

In addition, when you hop on Amazon there are never any advertised deals. You need to sort and search for the best prices and it is not often easy.

On the other hand, you never see any outright deals on Amazon which is not the case with eBay. 

Utilizing Slickdeals at you can get 10 percent off buying any new item on your eBay shopping experience. Other slick deal offers include $5 off or free shipping.

Offers change on the companies website periodically, and sometimes include deals not found anyplace else. 

As many companies such as Best Buy, Addidas, and others have their own stores on eBay, now and then you can save up to $20 or more just by checking whether a discount coupon is offered or not. 

More about eBay 

For some, eBay can be a little confusing. 

Staring in 1995, at first eBay was only an auction site. but as there were thousands of new and slightly used items from around the world, eBay was an instant hit.

Initially a place for collectibles, eBay quickly expanded from around 200,000 items per year to collecting over $90 billion dollars worth of revenue in 2019.

Among the many innovations the company noticed was that not everybody wanted to bid or bargain for an auction deal and eBay began offering “buy it now prices” on both auction items and straight purchase items.

It was then that hundreds of corporate sellers began to take eBay seriously as a way to sell their goods. 

Thus a potential eBay buyer has to pay attention to the description about whether an item is new or used or refurbished, but also note whether they are bidding on an item or buying without bidding at all.

To complicate matters even further, some eBay listings sell at full price without auction bidding, but at the same time, they will entertain bids. Obviously, if the item is a $1,000 computer and you bid $100, your bid will be rejected, but sometimes you can save an extra $50 or so if a seller is hungry. 

So with seller feedback, auctions, buy today deals, and sellers considering alternative bids, what’s not to like on eBay. particularly when you add slick deal discount coupons? 

The only cautions on eBay is that buyers need to pay close attention to the item description to be sure they know exactly what they are buying.

If the item is refurbished, the listing should say so, and you can have a legitimate complaint which you can take up with eBay.

More often though, an item is in brand new condition but the item is no longer being sold by the manufacture, or there is a newer, supposedly even better model for sale.

Therefore, electronic buyers should pay particular attention to the description of the model number and do a little Google sleuthing on those model numbers. 

Before bidding on an auction, paying the “buy it now” price, or submitting an offer, be sure you have researched both the seller’s reputation as well as know exactly what the item is you are buying. 

Never the less, eBay shopping is a great way to save money and is one of the online shopping deals platforms around. 

Online shopping deals are great anytime, but with specially priced coupons to boot, they may be your next shopping destination.

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