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How To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer

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Although enjoying the summer weather is exciting, maintaining the health of your summer skin is also essential. Harsh UV rays can create sun damage and increase your risk of skin cancer. Of course, sunscreen is essential, but we also recommend using other skin care tools as protection along with sunscreen. To learn more about how to keep your skin healthy this summer, continue reading below.

Wear Lip Balm

The lips are some of the most common regions people forget to protect during the summertime. Although your lips may not seem like they need UV protection, this area is still susceptible to skin cancer and sun damage. Not to mention, sunburnt lips are also incredibly painful. Wearing lip balm with an SPF formula will protect this area. However, if you’re concerned about how an SPF formula will feel or taste on your lips, consider choosing a flavored lip balm. There are plenty of SPF glosses with added bursts of flavor. These smooth balms make reapplying your protection easy. 

Exfoliate More Often

During the summer, higher temperatures can cause your body to sweat more, which clogs pores. Sweat mixed with sunscreen can easily lead to acne breakouts or irritated skin if you don’t exfoliate often. When you exfoliate, you clean these clogged pores and remove dead skin cells to restore hydration. Your skin will not only be healthier but also have much more of that perfect summer glow.

Drink Water

Keeping your skin healthy means more than adding layers of protection on the outside—you also need to replenish your skin from the inside. As you sweat and lose more of your body’s water content in the summer, staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids is vital. Water will restore your body’s natural balance and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

Tips for Staying Hydrated If You Hate Water

  • Try sparking water or coconut water.
  • Taste-test fruit juices.
  • Add flavored ice cubes to water.
  • Drink milk alternatives.

Although sunscreen is an essential tool, we hope these other skin care routines will help you plan how to keep your skin healthy this summer. A combination of all these skin care protections will ensure your skin is bright and abundant with the nutrients it needs to stay glowing.

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