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How To Mix And Match Boho Outfits With Other Styles

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With more people looking to live freer, boho fashion is very much in vogue. The colorful, eclectic vibe looks great and gives you an opportunity to express yourself. 

With that said, you don’t always want to wear an entirely bohemian outfit. Sometimes, you want to mix and match it with other styles. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We take a look at how to incorporate it into other dress wardrobes while keeping the image you love. 

Boho And Denim

Boho plus denim is a classic combination because of the latter’s ability to work with any style. You can pair your boho tops, dresses, or skirts with denim jackets, jeans, or shorts for a casual and cool outfit. Mixing the two works well and doesn’t detract from the boho look at all, often adding to it. 

Also, consider adding hats, sunglasses, and belts to complete the look. Think about how you could create more texture, or create more emphasis on certain areas, such as your eyes and neck. 

Boho And Leather

Leather is another fabric that can add some edge and contrast to your boho clothes, giving you a sort of rock’n’roll vibe. Here are some ideas:-

  • A boho dress with a leather jacket
  • A tunic with leather boots
  • A boho scarf with a leather skirt

If you’re worried the outfit looks too plain, you can always add accessories, like necklaces and bracelets to spice up the look. Large earrings work well with boho attire. 

Boho And Lace

Lace also complements boho beautifully when paired in the correct manner. The two styles complement each other and help to make your entire outfit more eclectic. Good examples include:-

  • A boho blouse with a lace skirt
  • A boho vest with a lace dress
  • A boho cardigan with a take top underneath

How you arrange lace and boho garments is entirely up to you. Adding pearls and ribbons to such outfits can enhance the look significantly. 

Boho And Stripes

Last, but certainly not least, you can match boho outfits with stripes. Stripes are a simple and classic pattern that adds fun and flair to your sartorial creations. You might want to add a striped shirt to boho pants, or striped sweaters on top of a jumpsuit. 

However you decide to approach it, striped elements add a sense of fun and innocence to your look, helping you mix things up. They also let you display your open and creative nature in a retro way. 

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the ways you can combine boho outfits with other styles to create a unique wardrobe. Once you start experimenting with the options listed above, you soon discover that boho is far broader than you imagined. While stripes, lace, and denim can form their own styles, they also give you a sense of freedom with your apparel choices, helping you become more boho over time. 

Don’t be afraid to try and create new things. That’s essentially what boho is all about. 

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