Kitchen Islands: Styles To Know

Kitchen Islands: Styles To Know

In 2021, people are focusing on the aesthetic of their homes. There is a big trend to make your home the way you like it through upcycled furniture pieces, unique items, or bold color schemes. Out with the black and white farmhouse trends of the late 2010s and in with the vintage vibes of decades past.

When it comes to a home, a kitchen is typically the focal point. And the focal point of the kitchen is the island. Learn more about kitchen islands and the styles to know.


The biggest trend for kitchen islands so far this year is a refurbished or repurposed furniture item being used as an island. For example, many people are purchasing old cabinets or buffets and converting them into islands through the installation of a countertop and re-staining or painting the wood.


Another new trend in kitchen islands is to tile the whole island. This gives it a standout look that doubles as a conversation piece—plus, they’re very easy to clean!

This option is most popular with kitchens that have built-in islands that aren’t quite updated but would be costly or difficult to remove. You can simply add a subtle yet attractive tile to the wood and enjoy a refreshed look.

Pro Tip: A subtle and shiny glass subway tilelooks amazing in any kitchen. It provides a unique look without overpowering the aesthetic of the room.

Roll Away

For the smaller kitchen, a rollaway island is the best option. These are very versatile and easy to move for your cooking convenience. Rollaway kitchen islands are sold at most home improvement stores, but you can also find them in non-traditional places. For example, you can invest in a bar cart or serving cart and use it as an open-facing kitchen island, which is very trendy.

There are many ways to jazz up your kitchen simply by getting installing kitchen islands and learning about the trendiest styles to know.

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