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I bought three of these Suede liquid lipsticks at CVS and honestly they are amazing and beautiful. I love how affordable it is, Just about $7.

The colors I chose are cherry skies, smoky fox, and vintage retro. These are amazing lipsticks. It doesn’t feel too heavy on your lips, it’s not ridiculously sticky, it’s matte, and it passes the “kiss test” where you kiss the back of your hand once it dries and it doesn’t come off, there’s no transfer. The colors are also gorgeous.


I definitely think that if you are new to liquid lipsticks you should try these!!!

NYX Matte Lipstick in Butter

Besides the Suedes I tried the Matte Lipstick in Butter which the Matte Lipstick is just as good as high end lipsticks, but for a fraction of the price! These are creamy and non-drying. They do appear matte on the lips, but are not transfer proof. These last a good time, about 5 hours, unless I eat or drink. I will definitely be purchasing more of these as well.

Lingerie in Honeymoon was easy to apply and you only need a thin layer for full coverage! It’s slightly drying but not as extreme as other liquid lipsticks – the only down side was the staying power! They don’t last as long as other liquid lipsticks I’ve bought! So you definitely need to keep apply throughout the day! But overall a great product and it’s definitely worth the price!

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