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Ready for a Dog? Here’s Why You Should Adopt

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It’s an exciting time to decide to get a dog for your family. There is one big decision that you do have to make, however, and that’s whether you adopt a puppy or whether you adopt one from a rescue. Buying a puppy, whether it’s from a puppy farm or from your local pet store, seems to be the norm, but it doesn’t have to be. Deciding to adopt a rescue pet or a shelter dog is a very big decision and it’s a very tough decision to make, especially when you have children.

You want to know that the dog you bring into your home is going to be happy, healthy and get along with everybody within it. After all, you can’t actually put the children up for adoption, so if anyone’s going to suffer if they don’t get along, it’s the dog who has to go back. There might also be concerns about behavior in a rescue pet, but companies such as All Dogs Unleashed are there to help for that very reason. Adopting your very own 4 legged friend is a wonderful thing to do, so here are all reasons that you should adopt a rescue pet rather than buy a puppy. 

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  • You are saving more than one dog. You know that when you go to your local rescue and you bring a dog home, you are saving its life from being euthanized at the pound. The thing is, you are also saving the life of another dog. When you adopt a rescue pet, you are freeing up space in the adoption center for another dog that may not have had that space previously. This means that you are saving more than one.
  • There is nothing better than unconditional love. Dogs that have been sitting in a rescue center for a while don’t know what it is to feel as loved as they could be. There is nothing better than the feeling of unconditional love from a dog who is so grateful to have been rescued from somewhere cold and unfeeling. Most people worry about connecting with their rescue dog, but shelter dogs have a lot of love to give and they will not stop giving it to you as soon as you let them in.
  • You are giving a dog a second chance. Most rescue dogs don’t end up in the pound because they are misbehaved or naughty. They often end up there because their owners didn’t have a choice but to give them up. It’s a sad situation to be in, but it’s one that many pet owners find themselves in, especially as they get older and they are less able to take care of their pets. You’re not just helping an animal in need, but you are giving a rescue the opportunity to find their voice. You give them the chance to start a new life.
  • You get the excuse you need to be active again. When was the last time you went for a run? When was the last time you managed to have some exercise outside? If it’s been a while, then having a new four legged friend could give you that excuse. You need to get outdoors a lot more because that dog is going to need to be walked two to three times a day. You have the chance to stretch your legs here, so take the chance.

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