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Renting In Miami: Strategies To Consider Using and Much More

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There are many reasons to move here to Florida (Miami, in particular). We have included a few of the reasons below.

1) We live in a tropical paradise. Do you like sunny, beautiful weather (like we do)? Do you dislike long cold winters? If you like it hot, then you’ll love it here.

2) Let’s talk about savings! You will not have to pay any state income tax. That automatically becomes a benefit to many of us who call Florida our home. The other great thing is that you only have to pay a 7% sales tax. That is comparatively lower than in other states.

3) If you love Cuban food, then you are going to enjoy living in Miami.
The culinary scene in Miami is exploding with a variety of different cultural flavors and dishes. 

Rice with black beans, fried tostones, plantains, guacamole sauce
Rice with black beans, fried tostones, plantains, guacamole sauce

4) There is a difference between a beach city and a city that sits on the beach. A beach city is where you do nothing but sit on the beach all day. There is nothing else to do.

Miami is a city on a beach. We have some of the most luxurious beaches in the country. There is so much to do within the city of Miami (especially South Beach Miami). That is a personal favorite of mine.

You can spend some time in the city and then go to the beach after. You get the large city metropolitan life as well as the beach life. You cannot beat that.

Miami Rent

Are you ready to move here? Have you had it with the cold winters? It is time talk strategies for moving to Miami. Some of these strategies include talking about Miami rent and finding the correct home renting tool.

Some Strategies To Help You Find A New Home Here In Miami

1) An average one-bedroom place is under $2,000 a month. Now that might seem high, but remember that Miami has no state tax. Your buying power has increased to about 5010% higher than in other places. Miami has the same lifestyle as LA and New York, but it costs less to live here.

2) Some tips on where to live (for those who need it). An apartment in places like Key Biscayne and Coral Gables will run you about $3,000 or less a month. Homes and apartments are less expensive the further you are from the beach area. Some apartments cost as little as $500 a month. Those who are working with a tight budget may have better luck in places like Northern Miami or Little Havana.

You can use the Zumper tool to find out the best place. All you do is update your budget information and where you want to live. It will bring up results based on your information including things like income median lines and tapestry.

3) Use the Zumper tool to calculate how much it will cost you to move. All you do is a plugin where you are now and where in Miami you wish to move. The tool will bounce back results as to how much it will cost.

4) You should calculate your rental and utility costs before moving. You can use the Zumper tool to do it. Calculate what amenities you will need(like cable and wifi). Also, jeep in mind, that due to the heat and humidity, heat is not going to be very vital, but AC is. You will need either central air, a fan, an AC unit, or all of the above for your new place.

FYI: Looking for some information on the things you need to know before moving here? You can CLICK HERE for more information. You can also click (7 Reasons to Live in Miami) to get more tips on moving here.

Miami love


Once again, Zumper is probably one of the best tools you can find for your move to Miami. Sign up and add your information to the system. It will give you the results you want and in real-time.

Why Zumper Is A Good Home Renting Tool?

1) You can apply online by submitting an electronic application(digital). Your credit score will be automatically looked into using TransUnion.

2) You will always be the first to get updates on new listings by using Zumper.

3) You can receive notifications through Zumper that includes price listings and new listings by signing up. Your notifications can also get designated through things pet-friendly adverts and bedroom enhancements.

Click to get started today.

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