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We have all experienced acne at some point. Here are the root causes of acne depending on the facial placement.


Let’s begin by discussing acne on the hairline.

  • Experiencing acne on the hairline may be caused by oily pomades found in hair care products.
  • Acne breakouts are also common around the oily scalp.
  • The best way to combat acne around the hairline is to cleanse with a water-based cleanser and switch to non-pomade products.

Forehead & Nose

Next, let’s look at the root cause of acne around the forehead and nose.

  • Stress and irregular sleep can lead to acne breakouts on the forehead and nose.
  • Stress can cause increased levels of androgens in the blood, which can lead to acne flare-ups.
  • Having a good sleep schedule can lower androgen levels and acne episodes.
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What about experiencing acne on the eyebrows?

  • The most common cause of eyebrow acne is oily formulas found in eyebrow makeup.
  • Ingrown eyebrow hairs may also lead to oil build-up in the follicle.
  • Properly removing makeup and cleansing the face are the best ways to tackle eyebrow acne.


Now, let’s explore why we may have acne on or around our ears.

  • Bacteria build-up from our natural oils can trigger acne flare-ups around the ears.
  • Bacteria may grow in a clogged pore and create small to large acne breakouts.
  • Cleaning the ears and avoiding touching the area with dirty fingers can prevent acne from forming on the ears.


Cheeks are very prominent areas of acne breakouts.

  • Dirty pillowcases, dirty makeup brushes, expired beauty products and even cell phones can all lead to acne on the cheeks.
  • Bacteria found in dirty beauty products and pillowcases can clog up the pores found around the cheeks.
  • Regularly changing pillowcases and cleaning makeup brushes are the best way to avoid acne flare-ups on the cheeks.

Jawline & Chin

And last but not least, let’s see the root causes of acne on the jawline and chin!

  • Hormonal imbalance, poor diet and nutrition are the leading root causes of acne around the jawline and chin.
  • Excess androgens in the blood can be caused by fluctuations in our hormones.
  • Balancing our bodies’ natural hormones and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the go-to ways to clear up jawline and chin acne.

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