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Getting yourself a skincare routine can really help and improve your skin’s health, and this routine should include morning and night.

Skincare Tips: Routine

Cleanse, ALWAYS.
If you’re like me, kind of lazy, you can go for a light cleanser and only do it once, but if you’re really into it, and want bigger and better results faster, double cleanse: First, with an oil cleanser, second with a foaming cleanser, okay?

Soap face woman clean skin skincare tips and tricks

do that only do that 1-2 a week, so that your skin won’t get too sensitive! No one wants to hurt skin! 

Tone, tone, tone!
This step is so important, because toning, helps to normalize your skin’s PH levels and much more! 

This step must be made so that all the natural moisture of your skin locks up, and all those products you used before stay in your skin!

Face moisturizing

Eye- cream!
If you have eye-bags and tired-looking eyes, be sure to use this, because it will not only minimize this, but it will also prevent aging and wrinkles! 

Whether it’s cloudy or incredibly sunny, always put on sunblock if you’re leaving your house. Just because you can’t see the sun, doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t there. This step is of major importance because sun-block protects your skin from aging and also protects you from skin cancer, for example!

Part two, EXTRAS! 

Don’t ever forget to drink lots and lots of water, it not only hydrates your body, but also prevents breaking out, makes your skin shine, and looks healthy!

Buy youself a cute bottle, so that you will feel even more motivated to drink water!

This is the one I use:

CLick Here to Get Your Bottle

Apply face masks once a week, to keep everything in perfect harmony, you can apply sheet masks or peel-off ones, you decide! 

Have a healthy diet, because what you eat totally influences your skin’s look. Eat less oily and greasy foods, and more greens, fruits, and veggies. 

Get yourself a dermatologist, because, really? Who better than a professional to help you, right? 

GET PLENTY OF SLEEP! Sleep at least 8 hours per night, so that you feel relaxed and calm, and your skin looks bright, sparkly, and beautiful!

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