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Prom is an important milestone for any high schooler. While it might seem like just another opportunity to dress up and dance, prom can be a defining moment for many. It’s when you have the chance to show off your gorgeous new dress and look amazing in front of your friends, family and classmates—it’s also the time when you’re photographed more than ever before. So why not do it with one of these stunning prom dresses? We’ve searched high and low for these designs that’ll make you feel like a princess from head-to-toe:

This dress is strapless, but the neckline has a gorgeous cutout.

If you want to show off your shoulders and collarbones, this dress is for you. The strapless neckline of this gown gives a nice peek at the skin around your collarbone and it also lets some air in so that you don’t overheat.

It’s important to note that there are two types of people who will be nipping out in this dress: the ones with great shoulders and collarbones. If you’re not sure which one applies to you, go ahead and invest in both options!

This dress is from Luxe and Lust, and it’s comfy and stretchy.

This dress is from Luxe and Lust, and it’s comfy and stretchy body shaping. It comes in a range of colors to suit your skin tone, but if you’re looking for something fun, try the red one!

The fabric on this dress is super high quality—it’s not cheap like some other companies. The bodice has a beautiful color that makes this look more expensive than it actually was (and very affordable) at only $67! There are also many other styles available including strapless dresses and cocktail dresses with lace appliqués that will make you feel like a princess on Homecoming night.

The dress is covered in sequins that make it sparkle in the light.

As you know, sequins are shiny and sparkly. They are also a type of fabric, but unlike most fabrics they’re not made from cotton or polyester—instead they’re made from plastic or glass. Sequins can be used to make clothing or accessories such as handbags and shoes. When someone wears a dress covered in sequins, it’s like having hundreds of diamonds on your body!

There’s no better way to wear pink than in a ruffled dress.

There is no better way to wear pink than in a ruffled dress. Ruffles are feminine and girly, adding volume to the body while also accentuating your curves. It’s not just for prom anymore! The right ruffled dress can be just as perfect for homecoming or any other special occasion that requires you to look classy and elegant.

And there’s no harm in mixing it up with some black accessories or shoes if you want to go for something more sophisticated and classic. Whatever you do, don’t forget the pearls: they’re always classic!

This simple yet stunning black dress is ideal for a variety of body types.

  • Ideal for a variety of body types.
  • It has gorgeous detail.
  • The color is perfect for any skin tone, and the neckline is just low enough to be sexy without being over-the-top.

Here’s an ultra-flattering mermaid gown that’ll make you feel like a starlet.

This dress will make you feel like a starlet. It’s strapless, with a corset back and deep V-neckline to give it an old Hollywood feel. The floor-length skirt is full but not too voluminous, so you’ll look as gorgeous in photos as you do in person.

Dark green prom dresses are edgy and elegant.

Dark green is a very interesting color to wear for homecoming, especially if you’re going for something different. Dark green is great for formal events, like prom and homecoming. The color can be subtle or bold depending on how you wear it, but it will always add that extra edge to your look.

If you want a more elegant look with an edgy twist, try some dark greens!

You can be confident during homecoming when you pick one of these dresses

A homecoming dress is one of the most important things you will ever wear. It’s an outfit that should make you feel absolutely amazing, and really show off who you are. Whether it’s your first dance or your tenth, a great dress can make all the difference in how confident and beautiful you feel at homecoming.

This is why we’ve created this list of beautiful dresses that will make sure everyone knows (and loves!) who you are as soon as they see them on the dance floor! These dresses are so unique, fun and different from anything else out there right now – but still classic enough to stand out without being too much for your family or friends’ tastes.


No matter what you’re looking for in a homecoming dress, you’ll find it here. We carry all the styles from classic gowns to trendy ruffles and more! So go ahead and get your prom dress on our website today!

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