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Sofia Vergara Launches Size-Inclusive Jeans Collection

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Rihanna’s Fashion X Fenty, Khloe Kardashian’s Good American, and Melissa McCarthy’s plus-size fashion line with HSN is proof that celebrities are starting to use their reach and popularity to spread awareness about the long-standing struggle for a more inclusive fashion industry. And just recently, actress and model Sofia Vergara has joined the ranks as she launched her own line of size-inclusive jeans. 

Aptly called Sofia Jeans, the line features nearly 100 items, which include jeans, denim jackets, fashion tops, and graphic tees. Biz Journals reports that the jeans feature a variety of fits, from skinny to straight-leg styles and even joggers. The jeans, skirts, and shorts come in sizes 0-20, while the tops range from extra small to XXXL.

The Modern Family star told Good Housekeeping that she is no stranger to the pains of trying to find the perfect pair of jeans for her body. “One time I was in a store and I tried these really expensive jeans. I went in the dressing room and the jeans were a little tight, and the zipper broke. I pulled them up and then I couldn’t take them off, so I had to call the woman outside to help me—she cut the jeans and everything,” Vergara said.

It’s the very story that sparked the idea for the line. Apart from being inclusive, Sofia Jeans are affordable, too, with a pair of jeans costing $40 or less. But Vergara also emphasized that the fit, the materials, the colors, and the look will be like buying jeans that cost $200. This follows the denim fashion trend that is putting an emphasis on comfort. The wide leg jeans on Woman Within demonstrate how modern denim is made using fabric that is designed to stretch and feel comfortable. Women want jeans that actually fit them, and the fashion industry is responding.

Vergara highly recommends the denim, particularly the Sofia style, as they’re skinny and not too long. “They’re fitted tight to make your butt look great,” she says. Her mom, on the other hand, loves the leg-slimming effects of the Gloria style. Vergara describes it as a jean that fits every body type and every age: “I think a lot of women are going to like it because there’s a little flare on the boot and it’s a little high-waisted, so it makes your legs look long and slim.” 

Her Latin family was a huge source of inspiration for Sofia Jeans as it has a diverse range of female body shapes. Vergara said “I know all those bodies. Some are tall some are short, some are voluptuous, some are very skinny, some are older.” Her family, especially the ones closest to her, were also the inspiration behind the names of the various styles of her jeans.

To find the right fit of jeans for you, you can check out the guide we have on Forever Fearless Mag, which includes making sure you know your body type and properly taking care of the jeans that fit.

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