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Spring is on its way, and nothing beats decluttering our homes in preparation for the most beautiful season of the year. After enduring the long winter season, spring feels like a fresh start. As a result, cleaning our homes re-aligns us and inspires us.

Begin your Spring cleaning in areas that accumulate the most clutter and mess throughout the year. A closet is an excellent location for a thorough Spring cleaning. We’re constantly adding to our closets throughout the year. Begin by gathering unwanted clothing and placing it in a donation pile. Then, sort your clothes, shoes, and accessories by color or style.

Young woman chooses clothes in the wardrobe closet

Finally, keep in mind that a closet does not have to be just a closet. It’s a room where you spend a lot of time. So, take the time to give it the attention it deserves. Maybe you can add a nice new light fixture, some artwork, wallpaper, or something else. Consider adding new racks or shelves to your walls to help your new organization last.

Use the suggestions below to give your closet a Spring cleaning!

  1. If your floor is cluttered, consider storing your shoes on wall shelves instead. This can help to reduce clutter and give you more space to move around. Wall shelves are a great way to store shoes and keep them organized. You can find shelving units at most home improvement stores.
  2. Place a nook on top of a rack of clothing. Add a mirror, accessories tray, and maybe even some flowers to give the room an extra touch of glamour!
  3. For a budget-friendly way to make your closet feel more luxe, add a touch of wallpaper to the back wall. Choose something in a trendy print or bold color that coordinates with the items in your wardrobe. Then, upgrade your lighting with a new fixture. Consider something unique, like a glam chandelier or art deco sconce. These little changes will go a long way in giving your space an elevated look and feel.
  4. Good news for all you denim lovers out there! If you have a lot of jeans, you can easily create a stylish Jean Wall. This is a great way to show off your favorite pairs and add some personality to your space. Plus, it’s super easy to do. So what are you waiting for? Get creative with your denim collection today!
  5. Usage of color can be a powerful design tool, especially when used in smaller spaces such as closets. painting your closet a bold color can create a dramatic and unique look that will really make your clothes pop!

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