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Dating can feel like an odd phase. You’ll likely pass through a number of dates, getting to know different people, deciding whether you’re a good match or not, learning a lot about yourself and so much more before you reach someone you actually enjoy spending a lot of time with and could potentially see a future with. At the same time, for many of us, dating can be a little nerve wracking. It’s entirely normal to feel nervous or even intimidated by the thought of meeting up with a stranger who you know little to nothing about. While dating should be fun, safety really should feature highly in your list of priorities whenever you intend to meet someone new. This is where our top tips for staying safe while dating can come into play!

Video Call First

Video calling can make sure that the person you’re talking to is the person you think you’re talking to. There are way too many fake or catfish profiles nowadays and video calling can ensure that you’re not getting roped into a scam or going to turn up to meet someone completely different to who you have in mind. Video calls are free and easy, so there’s no excuse for someone with genuine intentions to date, and who is the person they claim to be, to not get involved.

Share Your Location

It’s a good idea to share your location with friends while you’re out dating. This can provide you and others with peace of mind and can ensure that someone can come to help you if you ever need. There are several ways to do this, as shown in this Family Orbit blog entry. It can come in useful whether you’re dating, have a friend who is dating or perhaps you’re a parent with a teen or adult child who is dating. You can also often share taxi or cab rides that are booked through apps like Uber with friends or family if you are getting taxis to and from your dates.

Meet in Public Places

It’s always advisable to meet in public places when first meeting someone. Public places offer a more safe environment to get to know one another, as people with bad intentions are unlikely to pull any tricks or cause you harm in a space where others are watching and able to intervene or pose as witness. Ideally, daytime meet ups and activities are preferable, as there will be more people around. This is much safer than going straight to someone’s private home or heading off on an outdoorsy trip through the forest or other more quiet and rural areas. It’s advisable to stay in public places until you have known the person for long enough to know and trust them.

As you can see, you do need to make sure that you’re safe when you’re heading out on dates. Hopefully, some of the advice outlined above should help you to stay as safe as possible while you’re enjoying the process!

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