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Expecting your first baby is both a magical and scary time, it’s natural to feel apprehensive about the unknown, but learning new things can put you at ease. These four apps can help new moms to learn and get organized. There are plenty of great resources out there to help you on your journey.

1 . Baby Tracker App

Baby Tracker is a super useful app for new moms, using this application you can monitor all the important info about your little one, including pumping, sleep activities, diapers, feeding, and medication. The tracker also allows you to monitor play activities, naps, and temperature.

Baby Tracker can help you to preserve memories, and share these memories with your friends and family. The app also features a music tool, here parents can select calming music tracks, to help their baby drift off to sleep. Your pregnancy leave is the perfect time to bond with your baby and start learning about their health. Tracking your child’s health allows you to support their ongoing development.

2. Cloud Baby Monitor App

To help you keep an eye on your little one try using the Cloud Baby Monitor app. This application works as an audio baby monitor, and also provides two-way video. There are plenty of benefits of using this app, including:

  • Offers high-quality video.
  • Sensitive audio.
  • Features a night light
  • Soothing scenes to keep your little one relaxed at night.
  • Moniton and noise alerts, (to check if your baby is crying).
Young mom with cute baby boy, mother breast-feeds baby on bed

3. Baby+

If you’ve got a new baby on the way, you’ll just love the Baby+ app. Using this application you can check your baby’s growth, milestones, and development. Baby plus includes a feeding tracker and weight tracker. There are also sections where you can monitor your baby’s health, sleep, and diapers. The tool includes many other helpful features, such as:

  • Educational blogs to help you learn new things.
  • Development guides based on the age of your baby.
  • Plenty of tips and advice for first parents.
  • Advice about self-care and labor recovery.
  • Activity suggestions to entertain your little one.

 4. The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks is a fantastic app for new mommies, you can follow your baby’s development, and learn plenty of insights, tricks, and tips. When you download the app you’ll access a personalized schedule, helping you to track your child’s milestones. You can use this app to do many different things including:

  • Find out how you can help your baby at each of their milestones.
  • Understand when your baby should be picking up new skills.
  • Monitor your child’s milestones using the diary.
  • Discover the world through the eyes of your child.

Using these apps, new moms can get organized and feel more confident. It’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed at first, and there are lots of things to prepare. Whether you’re shopping for the best baby Travel System, or decorating the nursery, it helps to get organized early. Getting prepared will help you to feel more calm and excited about becoming a new mother.

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