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We’ve all had times where we wished we could change the color of our eyes. Today we don’t have to just imagine it but we can physically see how we would look like in another eyeshade. I, personally love to wear colored contact lenses to give my makeup looks a little creative boost or simply to have fun with my looks.

It’s a great way to enhance a look without doing anything to drastic to oneself! Now there are many contact lens brands out there, and it can be quite difficult in deciding which is best for you. It’s very important that when getting contact lenses, you know where your contacts are coming from and how safe they are to use.

With that being said, I use and recommend the brand, Solotica Hidrocor. I find that their contacts are not only safe to use but offer a more realistic look, so it does not appear as if you’re are wearing any contacts. Here comes the fun part! Choosing which color contacts you’ll like to rock! Being someone with dark brown eyes, I knew that I needed a shade that would be able to stand out and compliment my eyes.

So, I decided to go with the shade “Cristal,” this shade is more of a grayish tone. Surprisingly, I was shocked to find that the shade not only looked amazing but completely covered the brown in my eye due to its pigmentation, giving off such a realistic look. I would definitely recommend this shade to my brown eyed girls, who are unsure what color they should go with or would like to get contacts and still be subtle with it.

I’ve also tried the shade “Azul” which is a bright blue. Although the color was beautiful when I put them on, I found that it did not balance well with the brown in my eyes and didn’t show out as well as the shade “Cristal” I had tried on before.


If you’re interested in trying out contacts or you want to add a little twist to your look, look no further!


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