Tips To Make Your Home Child-Friendly This Holiday Season

Tips To Make Your Home Child-Friendly This Holiday Season

With kids at home this holiday season, having your house nice and tidy is almost impossible. There’s always a crayon scribble on the wall you recently painted or an occasional plate of spilled food that presents the risk of slipping and falling for your child.  

Consequently, it is crucial to keep your home safe for the kids and minimize any accident possibilities whether you are present or away from home. 

Here’s a list of some easy-to-do tips to make your home a more child-friendly environment. 

Create a Playroom

Apart from providing kids with their own space to play, playrooms keep the rest of the house tidy. With a playroom, all your kids’ toys are confined in one area, easily accessible to them. This saves the mess that would otherwise arise from looking for them everywhere and carelessly dropping them all over the house after playing.

In addition, playrooms make play dates with other kids easier and help them learn to play together. Their cooperation is enhanced when they play together because they will naturally include one another. 

Playroom with bed and toys

Go For Round Edge Furniture

In an environment with kids, any sharp objects are generally dangerous. Sharp-edged furniture in your home is also hazardous for your kids because of its playful and naive nature.

Opt for furniture with round and soft edges to prevent accidents involving sharp objects. But, if you have already bought sharp-edged furniture, you can use edge protectors to prevent mishaps. 

Add Surveillance Cameras

You can’t be everywhere at the same time—however, thanks to today’s advanced technology that can help you see anywhere without physically being there. 

It is advisable to install cameras in your living room, kitchen, kids’ playroom, and other areas around the house that you’d love to keep an eye on. These surveillance cameras can also come in handy if you also have pets you need to monitor. 

Home IP video surveillance concept

No Insects And Pests 

Taking good care of your kids and ensuring they are safe is more than just tidying rooms, toys, and playrooms. It is also about clean, insects and pests-free environments. This is because kids’ interaction with some of these pests and insects can be very dangerous.

For example, some insect bites can result in allergic reactions, a fly infestation may cause food poisoning, and mosquitoes interfere with their sleep and pose the risk of disease transmission.

The easiest remedy for houseflies is to implement more creative cleaning habits and get plants that can repel them. Some of these herbs are basil. Lavender, and marigold.

Aside from sleeping under a treated mosquito net, seeking the services of mosquito control specialists will offer a lasting solution for mosquitoes.


As you strive to make your home fashionable, give room for your kids’ creativity and playfulness. Involve them, and allow them to take part in decorating the home. Through active involvement, you get to hear their thoughts, learn their preference, and enable you to create a safe and child-friendly home.

Note that children require a lot of attention and monitoring as they grow. For instance, they will engage in the weirdest of activities during play. Therefore, it is your responsibility as the guardian and parent to ensure their safety as they enjoy their childhood.

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