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Hidrocor Mel from Vision Marketplace


Woohoo, my hidrocor mel is in, So here I am part 2 of the colored contact lenses.

I always wondered what I would look like with hazel-ish green eyes and it was possible with these Hidrocor Mels. The color is fabulous definitely one that I will enjoy with different types of makeup looks.

The level of realism is so amazing from these contact lenses that I feel that everyone should discard whatever contact lenses they were using before and try these out. Plus, they are super comfortable and have a wide range of colors and even better… last for a year. Now, they are pricey some of them retailing for $100 a pair, however, I have found the amazing Vision Marketplace to get them at $72-$75 plus you get a 10% discount if you use the code FEARLESS knocking off at least $7 from your total! Trust me they are so worth it and especially if you have this promo code!

Showing Off my Hidrocor Mel!


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19 Responses

  1. I don’t require contacts but i will say these colour contacts look really natural (some don’t). This eye colour really suits you, too!

  2. The contacts look amazing on you. I used to wear the hazel ones from the eye doctor. But be careful when you use them. I wasn’t cleaning them correctly and didn’t wash my hands like I should when using them and my eye sight when from 20/20 to seeing blurry and not having clear vision.

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