Makeup Tips For 

Those Who Wear Glasses

Who said glasses have to cover our gorgeous makeup looks?!

Focus On The Eyes

Playing up eyeshadow looks with vibrant and bold pigments is a great way to accentuate the eyes


Design bold cat-eye wings on the outer corners to add that va va voom effect!

Remember The Eyebrows

Eyebrows are put on display when we wear glasses, creating optimal eyebrow shapes and designs is the best way to highlight the brows.

Eyebrows Tip:

Add shimmery shadows on the under brow area to really highlight the arches and curves of the brows.


Concealing the under-eye area can remove any false shadows or contours created by the glasses.

Concealer Tip:

A pro tip is to apply a dash of loose powder under the eyes, to truly set in the concealer.

No More Indents

Switching to powder formula can reduce any indentation marks on the face formed by the glasses.