My Top Summer Hairstyle Picks


Getting your hair beach-ready is easier than ever! I am sharing my top picks with you! 

Don't forget to protect your tresses from the sun with a protecting leave in spray! 


Warm weather and fresh air shouldn't limit your style. That's why my first pick is a low bun with a scarf. 

Double Braided Pigtails

Braids, Babes, and Big Beachy Waves… need we say more?

Simple Hair Clip

This simple everyday updo is cute, easy and works on all hair lengths.

Double bun Tails with Scarf

Double Buns with a scarf - a surprising, eye-catching and stylish hairstyle for your summer outings!

Bubble Braid Pony

This easy and affordable hair-style can be worn as a ponytail, or twisted and tucked into a bun!

Half Top Bun

This half up half down hairstyle for summer that will make you look like a goddess!


I always like to remind my readers to use sunscreen this summer and stay hydrated. 

Summer is hot hot hot and the hairstyles I have chosen will keep you cool and looking fabulous!