In my quest to discover and experiment with different brands, today I bring you a review of Yayi Cosmetics! This line is relatively new and is created by Yayi, and to be honest, I’ve heard very little about this brand in the online beauty community. I first found Yayi Cosmetics on Instagram where I followed as a recommendation, as curiosity usually gets the better of me, I reached out to her so that I may learn a little bit more about her line. She was so nice through emails and her social media, she sent me a Yayi Box of samples for me to try! When I first received this Box in the mail the presentation was absolutely beautiful!  

Let’s start with the BB Creams, although the light was too light, the medium was actually right on point with my skin tone. I really liked the feel of it on my skin and it didn’t feel too heavy.


The Enzyme Protection cream with SPF is probably my most favorite of the samples. Its hydrating and light under my makeup. Smells very good and I like the fact that it has SPF to protect my skin from the harmful rays.


The hydrating cleanser felt nice on my skin and my face did feel hydrated. I used it wth my Clarisonic Mia and it felt great, my face felt clean and I liked the softness I was left with.


The glosses reminds me of Christmas with its spicy scent. It looks very beautiful on the lips not too much so it can be worn by itself during the day. And it has a nice Shimmer you can put ontop of a lipstick for a more bold night-time look!

Overall, I am very impressed with this line. For it is a small cosmetics company, its definitely on the right path and I reccomend the products 100%!
You can Find YAYI COSMETICS on Instagram @yayi_cosmetics or on their online store

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