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You’ve Quit Your Job to Work for Yourself: What Next?

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Quitting your job to work for yourself is a huge leap. When you finally take that step, it can feel pretty terrifying. It’s also freeing though, and it can be exciting to think about what your next move is going to be. Hopefully, you already have something of a plan in place. Perhaps you have already been running a side hustle, or you’ve been creating a business plan while you prepared to quit your job. But whatever you’ve done to prepare, it can still feel like you’re not sure what your next step should be. Try these tasks to get yourself on the right track.

Get a New Look

The first thing that you might do is try to enjoy your freedom for a bit. A great way to do this is to consider a new look, especially as you will no longer have to follow an office dress code or wear a uniform. You could even get that piercing or tattoo that you’ve been wanting. Now that you no longer have a boss, a bold hoop lip ring like the gold captive bead rings from Urban Body Jewelry could finally be yours. You can check out more hoop lip rings on their site to discover something you love. Or perhaps it’s time for a new haircut, or a new hair color. Or maybe you just feel like a new wardrobe.

Work Out Your Goals

Having goals helps you to decide where you’re going next. Why have you quit your job and what are your ambitions for the future? If you don’t have something to aim for, you could find yourself stagnating. It’s likely you already have some idea of what you want to achieve. Maybe there’s a certain amount of income you want to make, a particular type of client you want to start working with or a size that you want your business to reach.

Create Yourself a Schedule

When you first start working for yourself, it can be great to arrange your own schedule. In fact, no one could blame you for not doing much of anything for a while or keeping crazy hours. However, the best thing you can do is to give yourself a schedule. It will prevent you from working all the time and also make sure you get your work done. Decide how many hours you need to work, how many you’re comfortable working and the best time of the day to work.

Start Networking

You should also consider getting out there to do some networking. Not only will it prevent you from getting lonely, but it will help you to make some important connections. When you’re working for yourself, it’s essential to start collecting some contacts. You will be able to use them to find work, to stay connected with your chosen industry and to continue developing your career and business.

After you’ve quit your job, you don’t have to rush to make your next move. However, don’t leave it too long to start something new.

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