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4 Things You Need To Do In Detroit

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Traveling solo or with a group of your besties is something that people should jump at the chance to do. But before you board the plane, or jump on the train – it is important to plan a few things to do. Detroit is hugely popular because it is popular and has plenty to do! Not to mention a pile of sports teams and some of the tastiest foods you’ll even have. 

So where should you be going and what should you be eating?

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Detroit Institute of Arts

It might not come as a surprise to find out that Detroit is a hub for the arts- since some of the best music comes from there. Art lovers, and those who want to see something new should grab some tickets and enjoy some of the 65,000 works. Detroit Institute of Arts seeks to link art and the community, and does so with great events and showcasing artists at exhibitions. 

It is easy to spend more than an hour here, luckily it is open 9am until 4pm on Tuesday and Thursday, 10-5 at the weekend, and 9-10 on Fridays. 

Mabel Gray

Mabel Gray, according to their website, is a statement of chef Rigato’s culinary evolution. They use seasonal foods and drinks, and use local farm products – there is never a set menu. So you’ll always be in for a fresh, flavorful dish. 

To book a table you pay $25 per person, which is deducted from your final bill. The menus are handwritten, and the atmosphere is comfortable – in keeping with the ethos behind the food. Mabel Gray has won countless awards. Some of the previous menus include fresh pappardelle, pork bolognese, roasted sweet peppers – delicious. 

Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project is a masterclass in community and art. The project focuses on improving people’s lives and embracing the artists and the diverse cultures in the area. They have a set of core values that they work by, education for the community through learning opportunities, challenging creative thoughts, and empowering the community. 

This project is unlike that of almost anything you’ll ever have seen, and the history is great too. Tyree Guyton, an artist, went back to his roots on Heidelberg Street after serving in the war, and felt it was in a bad state. With his grandfather and his wife’s help he started painting houses, and decorating them with salvaged items. 

From there it turned into an amazing non-profit community. 

Detroit Opera House

If you want to be blown away by live performances of dance, music or theater then Detroit Opera House is the place to go. The Detroit Opera house went under a restoration in 1996, and now has a stunning interior. It’s not often that you get to go all out and glam, so make the most of the formal attire evening here. 

Almost anything that you want to see in terms of live performances is here – any night of the week. 

Solo travel is one of the most wonderful things about being a single woman – making the most of your time with you. Here are other ways that being solo is great: 5 Reasons Why Being Single Can Be Empowering.  

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