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5 Useful Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

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We’ve previously given you tips for cleaning your home in the spring months, but the kitchen is the focal point for many homes. So, when it comes to spring cleaning, your kitchen will need lots of attention. Follow these useful tips for spring cleaning your kitchen to get it looking new again!

Start at the Top and Work Down

The last thing you want is to wash your floors first, only to clean the rest of the kitchen and accumulate dust and dirt back onto your clean floors. It’s best to start at the top of your kitchen and then work your way down.

By starting at the top, we mean that literally. Use a stepladder or sturdy chair and dust your light fixtures and above the cabinets first. While you’re up there, dust off your ceiling fan if you have one and other high up spaces.

Declutter and Organize Your Cabinetry

We all have that one drawer in our kitchen primarily for junk and miscellaneous items. Now’s the time to declutter that drawer and the rest of your cabinetry to rid yourself of everything you have accumulated since last spring.

Once decluttered, properly cleaning your cabinets becomes much more manageable. Remove everything from your cabinets to get to all the hard-to-reach spaces, then reorganize the contents in your kitchen cabinets and drawers to make them more functional.

Disinfect Countertops

The countertops are where we prepare the food in the kitchen, which means they can be covered in bacteria if not properly cleaned and disinfected. You can make a simple disinfectant solution with a mixture of bleach and water, or you can grab some disinfectant spray or wipes at the store.

Clean, then disinfect your countertops thoroughly, removing any appliances or décor you have on the counters so you can get every inch. After disinfecting, rinse with water, and your counters will be clean and ready for your next meal prep.

Scrub and Clean Your Sink

Sometimes we forget how critical scrubbing the sink is to the cleanliness of our kitchen. Take a sponge or heavy-duty scrub pad to get all the grime and filth off your sink. Afterward, clean your drain with a drain-cleaning product. You can also use white vinegar by pouring it down the drain, letting it sit for about a half-hour, then rinsing it out with approximately two quarts of hot water.

Purge and Organize Your Fridge

It’s the appliance we use every day, so sometimes our fridges can become cluttered messes that require a map to find what we need. Now’s a good time to purge your fridge of any long-standing leftovers, half-open bottles, and anything else sitting in there for months.

After cleaning out your fridge, organize it for maximum efficiency. Consider using bins or a lazy Susan to better organize your fridge. Once you’re finished, it’ll feel like new!

We hope these useful tips for spring cleaning your kitchen help you get started and make your kitchen cleaner than ever! Good luck and happy cleaning!

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