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Embrace The Quirk! Pulling Off The Geek Chic Look

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If you’ve been trying to change your style or keep up with the trends it can prove exhausting. So much fashion can come and go but while geek chic has been around for quite a few years it seems to have come back, although we can argue that it never really went away! So if you are looking to be stylish with a pair of specs, read on…

Choose The Right Specs

Yes, in the cliched sense, wearing spectacles is the very definition of geek chic but while you may think of giant spectacles there are so many different approaches that you can try. You could try silhouette glasses that add a more secretary-ish angle, which is a little bit more stylish and 50s. The great thing is that you don’t need to purchase proper prescription glasses. You can easily pick fake frames as an accessory rather than spending a lot of money on proper prescription glasses that you don’t really need!

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Focus On Layering

If you want to go quirky you may want to think about mixing up different layers. You can go for horizontal and vertical stripes which may very well make you stand out like a sore thumb but in order to make this work you’ve got to pick one matching color. Rather than choosing two random pieces of clothing, go for a ribbed T-shirt with a navy stripe under a blue striped pinafore which adds enough quirk while keeping it on the right side of trendy.

Go For Hair Slides

If you’ve got plenty of hair slides going unused it’s time to take them out! In fact, you might not have worn them since you were 15 but now it’s time to get these back out because it’s the perfect way to show off geek chic. But in order to make it really sparkle you’ve got to use your hair slides sparingly. Make sure you only have two on each side of your head. Make sure you choose the right sort of hairstyle to go with the hair slides rather than the other way around.


The great thing about dresses in a geek chic context is that they look like you are dressing up and dressing down. But specifically, to pull off that geek chic look you need to go for thicker styles and look to complement this with something like a denim jacket. Add a little bit more to this by having some retro trainers and you have a quirky, almost tomboy-esque look. But the great thing about having dresses is that you can dress it up in other ways. If you want to look smarter, put some tights on and brogues and you are transported back to the 1960s! Another dress that works really well is a skater dress which is great if you want to add a school uniform vibe. 

Some Loafers

If you are looking for comfort the great thing is that flat shoes are back in! Loafers are casual and work well with really long dresses. Loafers also look particularly cool and can add an almost masculine edge to your stylings! For some people, wearing a pair of loafers can almost make them look like a 50-year-old man but pair this with some long dresses, your hair put back into a bun and you’ve got quirk and style in equal measure.

Slip Into Slacks

Slacks aren’t just the mainstay of the middle-aged office worker! If you really want to pull off the geek chic look you can wear these pants but make sure that you tailor them to your contours. They are smart but they work wonderful with some smart shoes and a sweater that is a little bit oversized. 

Don A Beret

If a beret reminds you of that left-wing freedom fighter in college then maybe it’s time to add a bit more energy to this oft-overlooked item! You don’t have to emblazon it with badges but go for something with a classic wool style in a very subtle shade. And you can easily pair this with slacks and a big coat that will protect you from the elements!


A strong pair of Doc Martens is a massive statement about your style. You’re not someone who is all about high heels! The great thing about a big pair of boots is that they are sturdy and will make you look a bit taller. Not only this, but wearing these with black tights and a denim dress is geek chic personified! Pair this with some dark eyeliner and you look almost ready to hit the goth clubs! A strong pair of boots, especially in burgundy, can add that extra dose of femininity to it if you really want.

Go For Prints

If you want to stand out, going kitsch is crucial. And while it’s a little bit trendy right now going for prints is a fantastic way for you to showcase your wild side. You can go for bold colors or stick to complementary ones that work with your statement pieces but they work wonders with your pair of plimsolls that’s been lurking in the wardrobe for years!

Choosing the geek chic look approach can almost seem like you’re throwing the kitchen sink at it but this is why you’ve got to be particularly uniformed in your style. If you want to go for one approach think about a statement piece, like your glasses, and build it all around that. On the other hand, if you’re looking to tower over others a strong pair of Doc Martens will work wonders. Geek chic is something that comes in and out of fashion and it always seems to bounce back. But if you’re looking for a very individual approach to communicating yourself geek chic is a fantastic way for you to become an individual. You don’t have to be into comic books in order to get what’s geek chic is all about. It’s a sense of being an individual. Embrace the quirk! 

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